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March 11, 2011
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In the middle of the sky, a swirling mass of black magic was moving at a speed that nearly broke past the sound barrier.

"I think I see it now."


"We're almost there. Not too far now."

"Ugh...feel sick...muffins supposed t' go down, not up..."

"H-Hold on! Please don't vomit; try and hold it down!"

In conjunction with the fact that they both possessed the gift of flight, Nightmare Moon and Derpy Hooves were able to sit firmly atop of the small cloud that the former had warped them onto. They smiled at each other, happier than ever to finally have a chance to be alone and talk. Hundreds of feet below them was a vast expanse of mangled trees and roots that went on for miles on end; it was the Everfree Forest. They were miles away from civilization, so there wasn't a chance of anypony interrupting them. Everything was truly at peace here. Even Derpy's need to vomit had settled down.

'Yes,' Nightmare Moon thought to herself, 'I had chosen the right place, after all. My sister...nor her pesky little followers...can interrupt me here! It's perfect!'

A cool, dry breeze brushed against Derpy's face, prompting her to smile because it felt so nice. Nightmare Moon couldn't help but giggle. However, feeling that they had wasted too much time already, she decided that they should immediately get down to the business of discussing their feelings for one another. The Moon Princess' celestial form began to melt away and its shadows evaporating into nothingness. Nightmare Moon shrunk in size until she was about the same size as Derpy again; Luna had finally reverted back into her original form.

"Derpy, there's something I must make sure of." Luna stated in a serious tone of voice.


"You DO understand why I brought you here with me...don't you?"

Derpy nodded her head very slowly. Luna closed her eyes and took in a deep breath.

"I suppose I should start things off, then; Derpy, I am in love with you." Even though it seemed obvious now that Derpy would return her feelings, Luna still struggled to get out those final few words.

Derpy clapped her hooves twice. "Yay."

"I've been in love with you for a very long time, and it's all because you became my friend first."

Nodding her head up and down, almost mechanically, Derpy allowed Luna to continue on.

"Even after returning to Canterlot to rule by my sister's side, I still felt inexplicably lonely, just like when I had been on the moon. None of the guards, or even the servants, would talk to me because they were afraid of how I misused my power before. Even my sister seemed to always be wary of me, and to tell the truth, the ways she tried to take care of me to make up for what she had done long ago was smothering me. Derpy, you were the first pony to ever become my friend, and you made me feel wanted. You were always willing to stop and chat with me every day, even if you didn't have any letters to deliver to us. Eventually, I found myself falling in love with you and your sweet, childish innocence. Derpy, I need you to stay a part of my life. I...I..."

"This is it."

"Huh?" Luna was taken aback, and feared she had done something wrong.

"No. Stop."


"Sorry. explaining. No point in it. I understand. Your feelings are the same as mine! Already, in the muffin in my heart, your name is there, and it's chocolate icing! So yummy in my tummy!"

Luna didn't have the heart to tell Derpy that that meant it was a cupcake, not a muffin.

"! Big smile! Derpy loves Anul...oops, I mean, Luna too! It's true, it's true!"

"...Thank you so much, Derpy..." Luna sniffled.

"Lots of hardness telling feelings too, honestly," Derpy chuckled weakly with a nod.

"You don't mind, then? You'll really go out with me?"

"Yeppers as lepers eating peppers!"

"Oh, I'm so happy! Happier than I've ever been in so long! I guess that whole explanation for my feelings that I had planned out ahead of time was useless after all! Never mind that, though; Derpy Hooves, I love you!"

Luna started to lean in to gently nuzzle her nose against Derpy's as a sign of affection. 'I really love her, but I'm afraid of making the mistake of trying to move things too fast...for now, I should hold off my urge to kiss her...'

However, the blonde pegasus-pony had other ideas, quickly pulling her new girlfriend into a full-blown kiss on the lips. Luna was shocked at first, and even her wings even popped wide open, although she gradually allowed herself to be taken in by the kiss. Derpy's lips were soft and warm, with a faint taste of muffins and graham crackers mixed in. Luna had never experienced anything like this in her entire lifetime, even though she was over thousand years old. The kiss itself did not go on for very long, but for the two ponies themselves, it had left a lasting impression.

"Wow, that was..." Luna touched her bottom lip with the tip of her hoof. Words failed her. Derpy didn't seem to have the same problem, however.

"Do again? Please?"

"N-Not yet, Derpy...I gotta calm myself down first before I faint from overwhelming joy..."


"Oh, wait a minute! That letter you wanted to give me! What was in it? I have it right here if you still want to open it with me."

"Sure...I forgot about it too."

Luna tore off the seal of the letter with her horn, and pulled out the paper that was concealed inside. It was a note, and the messy, squiggly handwriting made it obvious that it was Derpy's. There was only a single sentence, and it was supposed to read 'I LOVE YOU', but there were several instances of the word 'MUFFINS' crossed out all over the paper. It was terribly crude, but it seemed to have had some genuine love put in behind it.

"Derpy, I think I'm ready to kiss you again." Luna bashfully smiled.

Derpy pumped her hoof in the air.

The two ponies spent the rest of the day together on their special cloud without a care in the world. Needless to say, Derpy had failed to complete the remainder of her delivery route that morning.

'Thank goodness this went better than expected!'


A little while later, at Ponyville's library, where a certain unicorn broods...

Twilight Sparkle sighed yet again as she flipped another page of her book, all alone in the massive library. She had no idea where Spike went, and at that moment she really didn't care. Trying as hard as she might, Twilight just couldn't bring herself to focus on her reading at all; all of the words on the paper seemed to jumble together and twist around in her mind. All she could think about was the fact that her beloved teacher had lied to her.

'If Princess Celestia lied to me about Derpy Hooves being a terrorist,' Twilight suddenly realized, 'Then...then what else could she have been lying to me about? Am I even her favorite student at all? Does she actually think I'm talented in using magic? Argh, I got to calm down! C'mon, Twilight Sparkle, pull it together, girl! The Princess only lied because she made a tiny, itty-bitty mistake...even Princesses can make mistakes! Right?'

Twilight gripped her head between her hooves and groaned loudly. She felt like her very mind was going to split in two because of the massive headache that her frustrations were giving her. She needed to know the truth, but the poor unicorn pony wasn't sure how she could break it to her teacher that she didn't fully trust her anymore. Twilight groaned again.

Suddenly, Twilight felt somepony gently rub their muzzle against her cheek. Looking upwards, her mouth fell agape when she saw that it was Princess Celestia.


"Hello, Twilight Sparkle. I am pleased that I found you here. I came here to apologize!" Princess Celestia bowed her head slightly before the younger, smaller pony.

Twilight Sparkle winced. "You? Apologize? To me?"

"Yes. I made a terrible mistake by tricking you into believing that Derpy Hooves was a terrorist, simply so that you would keep her from returning to Luna. I was being utterly selfish, and I ended up causing trouble for many of my subjects. I am ashamed of my behavior, and I promise I will never do such ridiculous things again. I've already apologized to most of your friends and Dr. Whooves as well. I just hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, Twilight Sparkle..."

Twilight felt the tears well up in her eyes before she even opened her mouth to reply. "Princess Celestia...of course I accept your apology. You're my mentor and the pony I aspire to be like; you didn't even have to ask me whether I could forgive you or not!"

"Thank you for your trust in me."

"It''s my pleasure..."

"Now, there is something else I would like to ask you, Twilight Sparkle."

"Yes, my Princess?"

Princess Celestia leaned in closely, and Twilight Sparkle felt her heart skip a beat. "Do you know," the Princess inquired, "If I should break the news about the terrorist plot being a lie to your friend Pinkie Pie? I do not wish to hurt her feelings after all the trouble she went through setting up the party."



Finally, at Mr. and Mrs. Cake's sweets shop...

"Any moment now," Pinkie Pie said aloud for the fifteenth time in the past hour, her wide navy-blue eyes glued to the closed door in front of her. She could barely keep her energetic, little body still as she sat quietly in the darkness. Banners and streamers hung on the walls and ceilings, all of them with formal greetings for the terrorists of Ponyville. There were cakes and various sweets set up on the tables, and a big pitcher of juice to go along with it. It was just another one of Pinkie Pie's usual parties, even if it was for a bunch of 'meanies'.

"Any moment now..." murmured Pinkie yet again.

"Ya know something?" Spike, who was so far the only guest to arrive at the party, was busy groveling as he chugged down a glass of heavily-mixed apple cider, "I would never say this to her face...because, well, she's almost like a big sister to me...but I really can't stand Twilight sometimes! All she ever does is nag, nag, nag, and she makes me do all the work with taking care of HER books too! She doesn't even let me help you guys out when the Princess sends you on quests either! I swear, sometimes I really doubt whether I'm apart of Twilight's 'magical friendship' at all...and don't even get me started on my situation with Rarity..."

"Any moment now..."

"Pinkie, I think you might have just forgotten to tell everypony about the party in the first place." Spike sighed.
I was really kind of worried with this last chapter since I haven't written romance in a while, and since both Derpy and Luna are already in love with each other, I didn't think there would be alot of trouble with the confessions and becoming a couple once one of them finally said how they felt. The rest of the stuff is pretty much filler to tie up some loose ends caused by the plot. I'm pretty glad it's over though, and I hope things aren't too crappy for an end. Maybe there'll be an epilogue too or something.

I'm glad alot of people enjoyed this story. I'll be working on something new soon, but I have more important work, mainly school-based, to do.

MLP: FiM @ Lauren Faust, Hasbro, The Hub, etc.
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Dyingjester Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012
I just recently became obsessed with the concept of Luna X Derpy and stumbled across here goes...

Lol @ best ending ever!

Pinkie Pie is best anti-terrorist pony!

And I think I'm done here...Awesome story...
BowserLOL Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011
I like muff-er, Luna
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Derpy loves anul?
Badgerhead Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011
I know it sounds like 'anal', but it's just 'Luna' backwards because she made a mistake. I could have probably done that better
QuickFord Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011
I enjoyed this! I do think it would have been nice for Celestia to find a way to apologize to both Luna and Derpy, but perhaps that happens later on. Also, MUFFINS!
Badgerhead Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011
Ha ha I'm glad you liked it
Rabenrecht Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011
I think Muffins have a whole new meaning now I can feel it
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